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"Sherlock Junior" by Buster KEATON

"Sherlock Jr.", shot in 1924 in undoubtingly the strangest and the deepest burlesque film of Buster KEATON. A young man (Keaton) who is at the same time a projectionist and an usherette in a small local cinema is chased out of his fiancée's house. Inconsolable, he goes back to his projection room where he dozes off. While sleeping he dreams that the glamorous characters and the melodrama on the screen become the characters and the drama of his own life. He goes up the central aisle of the cinema then, enters the screen and appears in "the film within the film" under the name of Sherlock Junior, the great detective...
To accompany this journey between dream and reality, eight musicians play live the music composed by Bruno Regnier and give themselves over to the pleasure of improvisation. For and on behalf of the traditional pianist, here is an "Octet" where the strings, the brass and the reeds meet and cross in a dimension which is always very acoustic, combining jazz and chamber music.
This intimist music enhances each musician for duettist numbers with the marvellous solist that Buster is. Blues, waltz and very free solos mix in a humorous writing always taking into account the picture framing. "A poetical hightlihtening of a burlesque masterpiece".
A return to the joy of watching black and white films, silent stories, with the magic of jazz.
Length : 45 mn
This film can be preceded by a short film by Buster Keaton (The play House).

Vincent BOISSEAU (Clarinets), Rémi DUMOULIN (Sax & Clarinets), Jean-Baptiste REHAULT (Sax), Olivier THEMINES (Clarinets), Alain VANKENHOVE (Trumpet), Matthias MAHLER & Jean-Louis POMMIER (Trombone), Pierre DURAND (Guitar), Frédéric CHIFFOLEAU (Contrabass), Bruno REGNIER (Compositions & Direction)