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Suite...de Danses

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After an adventure carried on from 2001 to 2006 with the same musicians, that is a brand new music group of Bruno Regnier's X'TET, more limited than the previous one, that unveils its talents. A repertoire of creation thought according to the strong present personalities, compositions that leave a large space to freedom and improvisation. The ensemble offers us the new program, "Suite... de Danses", renewal of a choreographic inspiration already explored with the Brass' TET. One can find recollections of folk music, in a climate of chamber music as well as jazz, where the writing gets lively, fanciful and inventive.

Musicians :
Sébastien TEXIER (Sax alto et Clarinettes), Rémi DUMOULIN (Sax ténor et Clarinettes), Olivier THEMINES Clarinettes, Alain VANKENHOVE (Trompette), Matthias MAHLER & Jean-Louis POMMIER (Trombone), Alexis THERAIN (Guitare), Frédéric CHIFFOLEAU (Contrebasse), Guillaume DOMMARTIN (Batterie), Bruno REGNIER (Compositions et Direction)