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X'TET/Bruno Regnier

Choeur de solistes MIKROKOSMOS/Loïc Pierre

Coproduction Jazz à Tout Va - Choeur Mikrokosmos - Scène Nationale d'Orléans

A Chorus known as classical, a jazz ensemble: enough to combine the most daring tones, inventing the most blurred creatures that exist. At the crossroads between day and night, there they happen, smiling, whimpering, loving, despising. With human appearance, aren't they rather fallen, as if their song was but the memory of a distant earth? Never mind. Their menagerie cares little about such filiations. They don't have any solution except to display treasures of invention to conquest the listener, confronting each other as a duo, trio or group in order to force their most beautiful appearance. Death is not really far, enjoyment is only a short interval. Their language is double, hasty, venomous, between hissing and sweet articulations. You imagine them from another world: they have already conquered yours. Suddenly calluses of their foot give way to a heel of leather, a bloody smile spread on male mouths. And when their voice dies down, other rhythms impose their words. But are you not willing? Haven't you come in the hope of a happy disappearance within a creature who understands them all: intoxicating music." Marc Blanchet

The project CREATURES brings two entities and two artistic universes together: improvised and written jazz in big band and contemporary vocal music. Composed by Bruno Regnier, the music integrates the nine soloists of the X'TET and the twelve vocalists of the choir MIKROKOSMOS leaded by Loïc Pierre.

The two artistic directors Loïc Pierre and Bruno Regnier have carried out for several years an approach of creation and research of new repertoires with their respective groups. A meeting had to exist to unit their own artistic fields.

For the booklet, the two artists appeal to the poet Marc Blanchet, real link between the two languages, and whose poem will be the connection of this new meeting.