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The band is a passion that Bruno Regnier explores and has endeavoured to renew for more than 15 years. After being trained as a classical pianist and after a detour by the rock, it's the jazz which stops his attention. Not the one of the instrumentalist, but the one of the researcher of diverse formats and varied colors, in other words the orchestrator.
In 1992, he creates the company « A Suivre... » bearing his projects « Grands Formats » and multiform. Settled in the Center region, as the years go by, he surrounds himself with a team of faithful musicians, in a common concern of research and work on the long range. The company has branched out a few years: first Big band, then X'TET (1997), Cine X'TET (2003), Brass'TET (2005) and Contes X'TET (2009) that is four groups with identities well set, united by the precision of writing and the liberty of tone.
Each group is a space of meeting of individual and collective potentials. An exceptional project carried by a big respect for musicians and audience, that Bruno Regnier has always wanted to bring nearer the jazz.
The project «A Suivre.../ Bruno Regnier » combines the intelligence of research with the talent of his performers. Nouvelle République

Bruno Regnier and his groups are members of the "Fédération Grands Formats". Jazz à Tout Va and the groups are carried by the Center Region and helped by the minister of culture and communication/regional direction of cultural affairs by way of assistance to registered groups.