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New Buster's Shorts

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Cine X'TET / Bruno Regnier
Buster Keaton's short films


In Neighbors, Keaton plays the part of a modern Romeo, whose Juliet lives in the next door house. Parents do not approve this relationship and the interception of a love letter handed through the hole of a fence is going to start a dazzling series of gags which follow on with an implacable logic. Misunderstanding, pursuits and stunts follow one another in a rhythm humanly impossible to surpass. One of the best Keaton. 20 min - 1920 music written by Bruno Regnier

"The Blacksmith"

A strong and brutal blacksmith arrives whereas Malec (Buster) his employee is getting eggs ready on live embers of the forge... Then the tools he brings one by one to his boss are caught up by the huge magnet which is used as a sign... Pure farcical. 20 min - 1922 music written by Bruno Regnier