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X'TET/Bruno Regnier

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Created in 1997, X'TET/Bruno Regnier gather some of the best musicians of the present stage. This group with flexible geometry according to programs is between the little orchestra and the big jazz band, combining the fluidity of the first one with the blaze and the power of the second.

The soloists who constitute the group, used to the requirement of the manner of playing in big band, are led by Bruno Regnier, in an opened musical project turned to the creation as much as to the highlighting of the jazz repertoire. The enjoyment of playing combines to the accuracy of the performance. The compositions, though according to the high present individualities, give a lot of room to freedom and improvisation, while maintaining a really orchestral dimension: "a surprising jazz, rich of contrasts and colours."

If the repertoire of creation is due to Bruno Regnier's skill, the band doesn't forget for all that the great masters of jazz. It's one of the originalities of the ensemble which, from its creation, has wanted to revisit the jazz history in present, initiating a cycle "the great composers": at first Gil EVANS, then Duke ELLINGTON, Thelonius MONK and today Charles MINGUS.

Translation of an article written in openmag.fr
« An overall sound with scarce subtlety, amazing chorus of each musician with a peculiar distinction for Jean-Louis Pommier's trombone and Alexis Thérain's guitar, the concert of X'TET/Bruno Regnier at the "Ermitage", to launch their third CD kept its promises. We found their juicy harmonic marriage: combination of folk music and chamber music Bruno Regnier says he lets himself guide by hypothetical dancers and dreamed tunes. We follow him eyes closed."